Win you share of up to $50,000.00 in prizes over 15 days at Casino Extreme starting Sunday, 19 June 2005.

NB! Entries can be earned for all deposits made from 17 June 2005.

There are a number of ways to enter the competition in order share in the $50,000 prizes including:

1. Receive ONE entry into the competition per minimum $50.00 deposited and wagered.

eg. Deposit $50.00 and receive one entry. Deposit $500.00 and receive ten entries.
2. Receive ad-hoc entries for participating in any other promotions linked to this promotion and carrying the Independence Day promotion graphic.

Casino Extreme allows you to track your number of entries and see your eligibility for future draws in the competition. To track your entries please make use of the Winner's Circle VIP Login and select Independence Day Entries.

To see how many entries you've received please click here.

Sony WEGA XBR 61" Plasma TV

Be the envy of all your friends and family when watching sporting events and your favorite television programs on this beauty of a television to the value of $15,000.00 - now this is eXtreme viewing!

5x ALIENWARE Area-51m 7700
The ultimate gaming laptop! Fully-loaded and configured to the highest specification and worth a whopping $3,500.00 - this laptop will go to five of our lucky players!

15x Sony Playstation Portables
Feel like a little extreme exhiliration in the palm of your hand? Every day we'll give away one of these awesome gaming devices to one lucky player! Each PSP is worth $500.00
50x $200.00 SPOT Prizes!

Be online and playing at Casino Extreme over the next 15 days! We'll be randomly sending INDEPENDENCE DAY messages to all online and playing users at Casino Extreme! Be the first to respond via phone and win a $200.00 Spot Prize!

1) All entries you receive will entitle you entry to win the grand prize of a Sony WEGA plasma TV.
2) All entries
you received in the past 72 hours will entitle you to entry into the ALIENWARE AREA-51 prize draws.
3) All entries
you received in the past 24 hours will entitle you to entry into the Sony Playtation draws and $200.00 SPOT prize draws.
4) The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
5) All prizes are not exchangeable or transferable.
6) Winners will be announced on this page throughout the period of the competition and will be announced within 24hrs of each draw.
7) Participation in the competition is subject to you allowing the usage of your name or image for promotional purposes.
8) The promotion ends on the 4th of July 2005.
9) Employees, affiliates or employees of Casino Extreme are not eligible to enter this competition.
10) You are required to wager each $50 deposited at least once for your automatic entry to be valid. Wagering on entries drawn during prize draws will be validated against your account history.


1x Sony WEGA XBR 61" Plasma TV
Monday - 4 July 2005 Natalie R.
5x ALIENWARE Area-51m 7700
Wednesday - 22 June Janice S.
Saturday - 25 June Kerry M.
Tuesday - 28 June Richard H.
Friday - 1 July Terri C.
Monday - 4 July Gavin S.
15x Sony Playstation Portables
Monday - 20 June Jason M.
Tuesday - 21 June Maria D.
Wednesday - 22 June Ricka N.
Thursday - 23 June Peter vdN.
Friday - 24 June Donna W.
Saturday - 25 June Tyron B.
Sunday - 26 June Seth A.
Monday - 27 June Peter J.
Tuesday - 28 June David G.
Wednesday - 29 June Wesley C.
Thursday - 30 June Derek H.
Friday - 1 July Natasha L.
Saturday - 2 July Peter H.
Sunday - 3 July Jennifer B.
Monday - 4 July Pat N.
50x $200.00 SPOT Prizes!
Greg K.
Michael P.
Kiefer V.
Antoinette D.
Cassy K.
Alfie R.
Tori V.
Philip L.
Vinny I.
Trevor U.
Julia P.
Kessy N.
Jean K.
Carrie L.
Edward N.
Fred H.
Ian P.
Patrick W.
Brandy K.
Candice VR.
Geoffrey V.
Maurisse L.
Todd I.
Jean W.
Lenny B.
Janet C.
Caryn O.
Daniel L.
Gerald R.
Matt N.
Michaela T.
Devon E.
Veronica A.
Denny Y.
Chuck S.
Eddy U.
Cassy G.
Kerryn I.
Rachel W.
Priscilla K.
Justine R.
Harry K.
Tony D.
Marco K.
Tyrone O.
Vanessa F.
Melody Y.
Brandon J.
Jethro I.
Stelanie K.